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KIWI is a sensory art and play club for children living with disabilities and ASL, based in the North of Glasgow. It happens every Thursday at the old nursery in Sighthill. 

The main aim is to create a safe, adapted environment to nurture our participants interests and abilities, that also makes easier for them to socialise and make friends to their own path and rhythm.

We started the project last year, 2022, with eight session pilot project that proved to be very successful, bringing together a nice group of 8-9 children, all of them living around the Sighthill area.

Currently we are funded by the National Lottery, Awards for All, and the Corra Foundation.



SENSORIAL -sensory art & active learning

SENSORIAL is an association that focuses in promoting Sensory Art. We believe that sense stimulus can work as a positive trigger and be a key element, making communication possible, especially when working with people with difficultiesThe aim of our group is to facilitate a renewed appreciation of Sensory Potentialities in Art, through creative experiences that result in a reflective process for those involved.




The aims of the Group is to use bespoke Arts & medical humanities to promote wellbeing and development for all, by establishing programs of workshops and events. We will work with educational, welfare and employability initiatives to support people with complex health barriers, of all ages and cultures. Our activities will be monitored / evaluated in order to capture and share learning’.


This is a participatory project aiming to involve the Sighthill neighboarhood, at the North of Glasgow, in the design process of a bandstand, to be built within its new park. The idea was getting inspiration and input from those involved, at the same time that the bandstand was introduced  as a social space for the community.





As part of the NHS funded Be Arty Be Healthy project, I led an Edinburgh Arts & Crafts group that created `Knitted Body´, a revision on Anatomical Venus from XVIII century. All the organs were made from embroidery & knitting, representing a year of teamwork inspired by medical collections that brought back many memories for members of the group.

It was part of the exhibition 'Identity Crisis: The Modern Venus' about how the female body has been perceived in medicine over time.



Jonathan McKinstry is a great cartoonist and painter who I collaborated with on  several projects.
Research Room, where we merged our visions. One of my screen prints from `Sweet Darkness´ was the base for Jonathan's interpretations.
Art in the Gart, where we experienced the gardens of Garnavel Royal Hospital together. This inspired the decoration of a piano covered with flowers & bees. Such a great summer!

After these, we have collaborated on a big mural, again at Gartnavel Hospital, and I have also assisted him on the Wrestling piano.



In the rainy summer of 2012, through a European Community grant (Grundtving), I was in Glasgow visiting Project Ability: a centre established in 1984, which runs several programs for people and artists with disabilities and/or mental health problems. Big bright workshops and well stocked with materials, I felt like I was in the Chocolate Factory !

You can take a look here.  


In the Spring of 2011, I went to Finland for the first stage of an exchange between the Debajo del Sombrero association, which I was representing, and the ArtLaundry of the Vaalijala Rehabilitation Centre.

During my sojourn I had the opportunity to find out about several European associations, through the Outsider Art Symposium that took place in Helsinki. I also had the chance to experience the midnight summer: Juhannus on fantastinen!

For further information, please visit this blog.





Belén is part of Debajo del Sombrero Association.
As an Artist, Sánchez is obsessed with fairground attractions, medical treatments and a long struggle against fictional villains that threaten her fiercely.
She uses film to tell her stories, but what is really engaging is all the Art work she makes for each of her short films: storyboards, sketches, drawings, collages and all sort of props. These pieces really grab your attention and have to be shown & understood in conjunction with the film, as an installation.

To watch first part of Belen´s short film visit this link.

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